Behaviors Women Hate - And How To Avoid Them

Before you attempt to get your girlfriend back, it's a good idea to find out why she left. Just as there are certain behaviors women find attractive in a man, there are an equal number of undesirable traits. Some of these turn offs can be deal-breakers when it comes to making your ex interested in you again, so the less you can identify with this list the better off you'll be.

Girlfriend Angry

Emotional Desperation

Girls know when you're desperate to get back together with them. Not only will desperation kill your chances of winning your girlfriend back, but it'll also destroy much of the respect you've built with her these past months and years. Begging your ex to take you back, calling, emailing and text-messaging her every day are all sure signs that you're running out of options. This is a major turnoff to any woman looking to establish (or re-establish) a relationship with you.

A strong, confident approach to getting back together will always prevail over a weak, teary-eyed one. The way you present yourself is extremely important when it comes to how a girl views you - whether she's an exgirlfriend or a potential new one. Women can smell a desperate guy from miles away, so be sure to check any uncertainty you have at the door before trying to get your ex girlfriend back.

Coming Off as Cocky or Arrogant

Arrogance is not to be confused with confidence, but there's a fine line between them. Guys who are confident don't have to brag about their exploits... but men who do are often labeled arrogant or cocky. These traits are a turn off because they usually lead to a guy thinking he's always right, and belittlement of the opinions of others.

Often cockiness is a sign of insecurity, and women can sniff that out too. A guy who's not sure of himself will sometimes put up the front that he knows what he's doing, but if he really doesn't the truth usually shines through. If you want to be confident in your approach to getting your exgirlfriend back, that's great. Just don't cross the line that makes you an arrogant jerk.

Being Controlling or Demanding

Some women love to be controlled in one sense or another, usually on a smaller scale. These girls like take-charge guys who seem to always have the answers and are never at a loss of what to do. That being said, some men take things a little too far when it comes to dating a girl. They believe that just because they're going out with someone, they can keep track of and monitor their behaviors. This type of controlling attitude can make a girl walk away very quickly, with you standing there wondering what the hell you did wrong.

You should not be all that demanding when it comes to having a girlfriend. Giving her room to breathe is essential to a healthy relationship. Let her have the space to do her own thing, and you'll find she often wants to include you in whatever it is she's doing. But try to control her? Stifle her? Decide when she should go out, and with which friends, and for how long? Eventually, you're going to find yourself all alone.

Try to take a good, long, honest look at your last few relationships - including the one that just ended. Were you always telling her what to do? Did you often tell her "no" on things, even when she wasn't asking your permission? If so, there's a decent chance you could be a little too overbearing when it comes to being with someone. Take a few steps back and try to enjoy your girlfriend for who she is - not who you expect her to be.

Also keep in mind that as the ex boyfriend who just got dumped... you're in no position to be making demands. If your ex agrees to take you back, things should be no different. Your relationship will be healthiest when it's an equal partnership - each of you loving and respecting the thoughts and opinions of the other. Try to control your girlfriend and you're going to drive her away, or worse, into the arms of someone else.

Indecision and Insecurity

These two weaknesses go hand in hand. Any girl stuck in a relationship with a guy who's indecisive usually ends up having to make decisions she really doesn't want to make. This puts her in positions of responsibility for stuff she'd rather you take care of yourself. After all, you're the man of the relationship. You should step up and assume that role.

Insecurity can be a death sentence for many of the good traits women find most appealing in a man. If you're insecure, you can't have confidence, strength, decisiveness, or direction. You'll always question everything you do, and it'll be a huge turnoff to whatever partner you're with. If you feel insecure about any one thing in particular, do your best to get over it. And if you feel insecure all around? Try to get some help with that. As a very wise man once said, when you have reason to doubt yourself you give reason to your doubt. So suck it up, and get some self-assuredness.

Indifference, Non-Affection, and Lack of Attention

Becoming indifferent toward your girlfriend is actually one of the main reasons she might break up with you. Women need attention just as men do, but most of them need a more specific kind. Your girlfriend relies on you to be both attentive and affectionate to her - as far as she's concerned it's part of any serious relationship. So when you slack off on those two things, your girl might easily think that you're not so serious about being with her anymore - and that's the beginning of the end.

Fighting With Girlfriend

The worst part about indifference is that it can really sneak up on you. In the early parts of your romance you waited on your girlfriend's every word... but months and years later, the two of you could now be in a comfortable routine. When the routine becomes mundane, you often forget the little things that kept the spark going... and this happens so slowly over time that you don't even notice it. Eventually your girlfriend could take this apathy as a sign you're no longer interested, and that's when she'll start looking elsewhere for the attention she requires. This could lead to an affair on her part, or initiate a break up.

Breaking Bad Habits - Becoming The Guy She Wants Again

If you're working toward fixing your break up, you might try to identify and eliminate some of these undesirable behaviors. Once you've made a concious effort to do so, it's time to let your ex know. Understanding the problems that caused the downfall of your relationship is one thing - sharing this knowledge with your exgirlfriend is another. If you can show her what you've learned, she'll see that you've matured enough - and cared enough about your relationship - to try and pull things together again. This can go a long way toward winning your ex back.

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