Having Sex With Your Ex When You Want Her Back

Just as the break up can be hard on you, there are certain aspects of your relationship that your ex girlfriend will miss too. Sleeping with you may actually be one of them. Getting your ex back while she still has a strong physical connection to you can be made easier if you know how to handle this situation.

Sleeping With Your Ex

For most guys, sleeping with an ex girlfriend is like hitting the sexual jackpot. You get all the fun and forbiddeness of casual sex without the burden of a relationship - or the commitment that usually goes along with it. But what if you want that commitment? What if your ex breaks up with you but still wants to hook up from time to time? Do you just go along with it. . . or is there something you can do?

Find Out Why Your Ex Wants To Sleep With You

If your girlfriend hasn't showed any interest in getting back together but is still coming on to you sexually, it could be for a variety of reasons. By still coming over for this type of intimacy, some women are fulfilling an emotional need. Although she might've broken things off, your girlfriend might still feel attached to you on some very deep levels. Having sex with you is a healthy, natural thing for her - and she doesn't want to give it up. So she'll show up from time to time, sheepishly looking to "hook up".

In this type of scenario, you've got a really good chance of getting back together with your girlfriend. There's something missing from your relationship, but it's not major enough that she's looking to form a close, emotional bond with some other guy - at least not yet. It's your job to figure out what the missing pieces are, so that you can fill in the gaps. Once you do this, making up is quick and easy.

Maybe you fought too much, and she just couldn't take it. This is a common problem between couples who seem very connected, but for some reason butt heads over smaller stuff. Immaturity can lead to fighting, and so can jealousy. Try to make sure your behavior doesn't reflect those two undesirable traits. If so, let your ex know that you recognize this problem and are willing to correct it. The next time she stops by for a booty call, see if you can work some serious conversation in there somewhere - and be constructive about it.

What If Your Ex Just Wants Sex... and Nothing More?

In other cases, your ex might be looking to satisfy a more physical need. This is usually more prevelant in ex boyfriends than in ex girlfriends, but if your girl is coming by for purely physical reasons then winning her back will be a little bit harder. She obviously finds something she likes in your relationship, but if it's nothing more than sexual she'll eventually be able to find that elsewhere. You need to work toward winning back her heart, because you've already got her body.

Sex With Ex Girlfriend

An exgirlfriend who shows up just to sleep with you will often do it at a moment's notice. It's usually a spur of the moment decision, made in the late hours of the night when she's feeling lonely, horny, or both. It doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't still have feelings for you, but if she's quick to leave after the deed is done? Odds are good she's deriving a purely sexual pleasure from your meetings together, and getting her back will be a little more complicated.

The next time your ex calls for a hookup, try to play a bit harder to get. By being there every time she wants to come by, you're esentially giving her everything she wants. There's no reason for the situation to change, and therefore no reason for her to get back into a relationship with you. She has the sex without the commitment, and that seems to be all she desires.

By denying her once or twice, you'll shock your ex into realizing that you won't always be there. As much as I'm sure you enjoy her visits, it's got to hurt emotionally when she jumps out of your bed and takes off. If you're trying to re-establish a long term relationship with your exgirlfriend again, you need to do more than screw her every time she wants to get her rocks off. You have to make her realize that you want more than the current physical arrangement.

Really try to examine what went wrong in your relationship that caused it to end. Scrutinize the beginning of the romance, when each of you were very happy with the other. If you were treating her differently by the time she broke up with you, you may have been taking her for granted. You also might've been suffocating her with too much attention, as some guys often do. A girl who's willing to have casual sex without commitment might tend to be flighty, so maybe you made your ex feel trapped or contained without realizing it.

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When you've got a pretty good idea of what might've caused things to end, tell her. Let her know that you've been thinking about things, and that you want to give it another shot. Knowing that you're willing to work on the relationship might change her mind about dating you again. And of course it doesn't hurt to remind her that the two of you have great sexual chemistry!

Your Ex Is Cheating On Her New Boyfriend With You

In the special case where your ex girlfriend is already dating another guy, but is still coming over to have sex with you, she's both confused and torn. On one hand she's pushing forward with her new relationship, testing the waters of being without you. But on the other, she's not yet ready to give up on you completely. She's fulfilling both needs at once, which satisfies her desire to establish something new and different while still getting to hang onto the security of the past. By sleeping with your ex, you're letting her have her cake and eat it too.

This is an extremely bittersweet situation for most guys. You're probably overjoyed to have your ex back in your arms again, even for just a few hours here and there. You get the intimacy of being with her sexually, and renew the emotional connection while the two of you are together. Yet in the back of your head you know she's going home to someone else, kissing and sleeping with another guy whenever she's not with you. It can really tear you up if you let it go on, which is why you need to put an end to a situation like this rather quickly and force your ex to make a choice.

In trying to get back your ex girlfriend, sleeping with her is inevitable. In this case however, you can't allow her to continue to have the best of both worlds. Once you've established that physical and emotional connection again, it's time to let her know your true feelings. Tell your ex that you love her too much to see her with somebody else, and that you want another shot at a serious relationship with her. Let her know in no uncertain terms that you're not going to sit around waiting for her to call you on nights her new boyfriend is busy or working. She needs to decide who and what she wants, and she needs to do it sooner rather than later.

Getting Your Girlfriend Back - Knowing the Sexual Playbook

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