What are the signs she'll give off when an ex girlfriend still has feelings for you?

Which signals are green lights, telling you to go ahead? Which are false positives, telling you to stop? Understanding the difference could spell success or disaster, when it comes to fixing an unwanted breakup.

Signs She Still Loves Me

There are a TON of signs a girl might give off when she still loves you.

Some are easy to spot. Others are a lot more subtle. But it's not enough just to recognize them, you also have to know what each of these signs mean. Knowing those answers can mean the difference between getting back together or driving you and your ex girlfriend further apart.

The Biggest Signals Given off by an Ex Girlfriend

Timing is everything. In working to get back together you can't take any unwanted action. You need to know what to do, and more importantly, when to do it. You also need to know when it's time to hang back and leave her along, so your ex can start missing you again.

In the meantime, you can recognize the following as signs that, at the very least, your ex is still thinking about you:

• She Stays Friends with you on Facebook

It's not uncommon these days to defriend each other after a breakup. So when an ex stays friends with you? It's because she wants to keep track of what you're doing.

This is a fairly obvious sign that she's not 100% ready to let go just yet. Also, sometimes an ex will defriend you but stay friends with some of your friends or family members. This way, she can still stalk some of the things you're doing indirectly.

• Your Ex Still Talks to Your Friends

A more obvious ploy. Unless you shared these friends before you started dating, there's really no reason for your exgirlfriend to remain in contact with YOUR friends.

Now sometimes she'll try to justify this. "I made these friends through you... I'm not just going to throw them away." That's a lame argument, and she probably knows it. After all, you're not staying in touch with her friends (are you?)

• She Still Talks about the Break Up

An ex who wants the breakup to stay permanent will avoid talking about it, especially if she knows you still have feelings for her. So if she keeps mentioning the breakup when she talks to you? It's probably because she's feeling you out.


Breaking up was a big step. Before even thinking of getting back together with you, she needs to make sure you want the same thing. She might mention how stupid the breakup was or how often you fought, or she might even take some responsibility and say "yeah, it was pretty much my fault." These are all good signs that she still has feelings for you. Keep an ear out for things like this.

• Your Ex Asks About Your Family

Did you date for a while? If so, your girlfriend probably got wrapped up in your family (and you in hers). So if she's asking how your mom or sister or whoever are doing? It could be innocent. It could be that your ex is just being curious.

That said, it could also be a signal: she's using your family as a level to gently pry her way back into your life.

The key here is frequency. How often is she asking about your family life? If a lot, it's because she still cares what your family thinks of her. And if she still cares about that, your ex still sees a potential future with you, and wants to keep those doors open.

• Your Ex Keeps Showing up at Places You Frequent

You have to be careful here, because you don't want to read into anything. It's easy to want her back so badly you're willing to take just about anything as a sign she wants you back.

By the same token, if your exgirlfriend keeps showing up at places she knows that you'll be? She might be making a statement. Especially if she's looking exceptionally good, as if trying to make you jealous.

In a scenario like this, you have to play it cool. Talk to her if she comes up to you, but don't make any huge effort to make contact. You can't totally ignore her either, or you'll look like some jilted wuss. A firm, confident, nod (and the smallest hint of a smile) will go a long way toward acknowledging her without giving away your hand.

• Your Ex Girlfriend Drunk Dials You

Another big one. An ex who calls you because she's drunk is reaching out at a time when she's most vulnerable. You're also likely to hear the truth about how she feels, if you take this phone call.

Alcohol is the great equalizer. Whatever feelings and emotional connections your girlfriend might have buried are coming to the surface when she's intoxicated. She buried those things in order to keep strong; otherwise she might be tempted to get back together with you. But while drunk? She's letting her true feelings be known.

Don't talk much here: let her do the talking. Pay close attention to the things she says, because there will quite possibly be several clues as to how much she still loves you. These will be things you can use later on, during the reconnection phase of getting back together.

• Your Ex Hasn't Started Dating Anyone Else

When your ex stays single after the break up, it's usually so she can go backwards. She knows that finding and sleeping with another man - a rebound relationship for example - could be a deal-killer in you taking her back. By staying single, she's avoiding that problem and keeping the door open to your past relationship.

Obviously, this means more the longer your breakup goes on. But if it's been a while, and you and your ex haven't gotten back together yet, it could be a simple case of you not making the right moves at the right times.

• Your Ex Wants to be 'Friends With Benefits'

Sex is in indication of closeness, both emotional and physical. While it's fun, and it seems to be a step in the right direction, it doesn't necessarily mean your ex wants you back.

Break ups are a lonely business. Unless your girlfriend left you for someone else, there's a decent chance she misses you sexually as well as emotionally. If she's asking for a friends with benefits situation, or even just a one-night fling, you need to guard yourself against false hope. It could be that she's testing the waters as to how she still feels about you... or it could be she's just looking to get her rocks off.

• Your Ex Starts Flirting With You Again

You know the signs; she smiles, looks you in the eye... maybe she touches you or grabs your arm when she talks. All of these cues and body language are signs of flirting.

Now just because your ex might be flirting again doesn't mean she's ready to jump back into a relationship. Don't push, and don't flirt back - not immediately anyway. By ignoring her a little bit, you're seeing how far she'll go. Seeing how far she'll chase you, in the face of what seems to be you suddenly ignoring her.

You can also check for these signs and signals as well. If they're there, you'll know you're on the right track.

What to Do if She Shows No Signs of Missing You

If it's a little while after the break up and your girl is showing none of these signs? Well, all hope isn't lost just yet. There are still things you can do that will place you back in her head; re-insertion techniques that will get your ex thinking about you, her, and your past relationship.

Your biggest move will be to recreate the honeymoon phase of your romance. This can be accomplished a few different ways, but when done correctly it reminds your exgirlfriend of EXACTLY how she felt during those first few magical weeks of first dating each other.

The master of re-insertion techniques is author T.W. Jackson. His incredible guide, The Magic of Making Up has brought THOUSANDS of couples back together again.

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Within its pages is a detailed, step-by-step plan, showing you exactly which moves will put your relationship back the way it was. It also shows you how long you should wait before making each and every one of them.

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