Signs & Signals That Your Exgirlfriend Wants You Back

While working hard toward winning your ex back, it's important to know when everything you've been doing is finally having an effect. When your ex wants to get back together again, she might not always hit you over the head with it. As the end of your break up draws near, your ex girlfriend will also unknowingly start giving off positive signs and signals. Here's what to look for.

Ex Wants You Back

Your Ex Stays In Touch With You

Any ex girlfriend looking to truly move on won't be all that interested in maintaining contact. In that type of scenario she's going to quickly lose interest in anything to do with you: emails, phone calls, and the like. If that's the case you'll need to really accelerate your attempts at winning her back, because you don't have much time.

All that aside, if your ex still keeps in touch with you after the relationship ends it should always be taken as a positive sign. Even if she was the one who dumped you, your exprobably wanted to keep you around just in case she changed her mind. As the frequency of your ex girlfriend contact increases, so do your chances of reconciliation. But what really matters? Who's initiating that contact.

An ex who's calling you out of the blue is showing definite signs of interest in you. You might question whether this contact is romantic or friendly, but in all likelihood she's reconsidering the break up. Your ex probably has more than enough friends already, and is looking to be around you for a reason. Keep an eye out for additional signs, and make yourself available to her.

She's Always Calling To See What You're Up To

When your ex becomes overly preoccupied with your own daily schedule, she's trying to feel out your status. She wants to make sure you haven't moved on, and that you're not going out with anyone else. This form of contact will seem casual, as if she's just making small talk. The big thing to look for however, is her asking for details. Try being vague, and see if your ex presses for more.

If she's asking which friends you've seeing, where you've been going, or especially the names of girls you've been hanging around with, your exgirlfriend is in a jealous state. She may not yet be ready to get back together, but she's getting close, and wants to know that she's got smooth sailing if that's the route she decides to take.

Most important of all though, know exactly what to say to your ex when she calls you.

She's Unnecessarily Open About Her Own Status

In the final stages before getting back together, your ex will give you the green light to proceed with asking her out again. One form this will come in will be her making absolutely sure you know she's single. In casual conversation she'll talk about her lack of love life, or joke about how long it's been since she's had one. This is your cue that make a move - your ex is giving you this information for a pretty specific reason.

Your Ex Stops By Randomly Or Asks To Meet With You

A girl who's unsure about breaking up will always keep the lines of communication open, and might call or write you on a regular basis. But once she begins stopping by? It's a huge sign of good things to come.

Anytime your ex has a physical need to see you, it's a sure bet that she's been missing you big time. You've been on her mind enough that a phone call or message won't do - she wants to drop be, see what you're up to, and probably flirt with you too. Look for signs of flirting, and watch her body language. If you've dated her for any length of time, you should know when she's trying to get you interested.

When your ex does stop by unexpectedly, try not to act too surprised. The more casual you keep things, the better off you'll be. If she's uncomfortable, or you make your ex feel unwanted, she'll be reluctant to pop in like that ever again. But if you can keep things happy and fun? Your ex will be glad she came over, and with each successive visit she'll get closer and closer to the real reason she came: just to be with you.

Your Ex Wants To Hang Out With You All The Time

There really shouldn't be any confusion here, either friendship or otherwise: if your ex girlfriend is actually hanging out with you, she's not done with you romantically. There's no platonic level of friendship that doesn't involve your ex wanting you back if she's always coming by to see you.

Ex Girlfriend Kissing

Maybe she brings popcorn, a movie, whatever... your ex is obtaining some sort of emotional need from seeing you and being with you. She might disguise it as friendship for a while, but this much contact will eventually lead to something more. Your ex girlfriend might even sleep with you and call it "friends with benefits". It could even be that way (for now) if she's got another boyfriend, but the fact remains: she's not done with your relationship by a long shot. If you're looking for signs that your ex wants to get back together with you, coming by to spend time with you is as big as they come.

She Suddenly Becomes Affectionate or Emotional Again

Any time there's a sudden adjustment in your ex girlfriend's behavior, something's probably happened in her life to initiate that change. Maybe she realized how much she misses you, or maybe another potential romance didn't quite pan out like she wanted it to... but when your ex starts showing you affection or closeness, she's giving you some very strong signals.

Most girls who break up with a guy are usually very careful not to lead them on. Of course there's always that dizzy, flirty girl who's only out for attention - even at the cost of your own emotions - but if your ex is one of those women you'd already know it. Keeping that in mind, any sudden flirtatious behavior or body language is a sure sign that your exgirlfriend is ready to do one of two things: reconcile or hook up. It's one or the other, so be prepared for both.

Easing Back Into A Relationship With Your Ex Girlfriend

Don't jump the gun when you catch those first signs that your ex is ready to get back together with you. Try to play it cool, and let her ease back into it. She'll be testing the waters at first, and you don't want to scare her off by moving too fast. She may still be apprehensive about the break up, especially if she was the one who broke things off.

If your ex flirts with you, flirt back. She even might mess around playfully for a while, re-initiating the chase you once had when the two of you first fell in love. Roll with it, and enjoy the beginnings of your new relationship. You're almost at the end of your break up, so there should be no big hurry to get anywhere.

What To Do If Your Ex Shows None Of These Signs

Some women are more guarded than others when it comes to showing emotion, and some are even just plain shy. Since you dated your ex you should know what type of girl she is, which should help you in recognizing the signs she's interested in you again.

If however you're having trouble getting your exgirlfriend to the point where she wants you back, there are certain triggers you can pull that will open her up to such possibilities. By pushing on certain emotional hot buttons, you can elicit responses from your ex that will reverse her current mindset and get her thinking all about you again.

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