Winning Your Girlfriend Back - Best Opening Moves

Breaking up is an incredibly difficult for some guys, especially if your girlfriend dumped you from out of the blue. If you want your ex back in your arms again, you'll need to clear your head and learn what to do next. The stages immediately following the breakup are some of the most crucial: it's the time you can least afford to withdraw, curl up, and feel sorry for yourself. The following guidelines will help you get started on the road to getting back together with your girlfriend.

Break Up With Girlfriend

Not Fighting Your Break Up

Perhaps one of the single greatest things you can do after a girl breaks up with you is not fight her on the decision. By this point she's made up her mind, and there's not much you can say or do to talk her out of it. In fact, anything you do to argue against her right now is the equivalent of one last bitter disagreement between the two of you.

The problem with not fighting the break up is that every one of your instincts goes against it. You'll feel like begging, pleading, and giving your girlfriend a thousand reasons why the two of you should be together. As she stands there in uncomfortable silence, you'll think your plan is working... from there you'll go into overdrive and keep pressing her to reconsider. And as you do this, you'll look more and more foolish - and desperate. Your girlfriend will remember this desperation later on, and it will greatly hurt your chances of getting your ex back.

Agreeing That You Need Time Apart

Another behavior that seems totally counterproductive to putting you back together: agreeing with her that the two of you should break up for a while. This is an excellent opening move because it's the last possible thing your girlfriend is expecting right now. She came to the break up with a four aces, and you just pulled a straight flush. As her jaw drops to the floor, she'll wonder how she missed the signs that you weren't happy with the relationship either. And then she'll wonder why.

You see, no girl wants to think that she was inadequate in her relationship. Ending things because she's not happy is totally fine by her... but watching you pre-emptively end things because of your own reasons? Your girlfriend will need to know why. She'll be dumbfounded by the fact you've taken this stance, and will wrack her brain trying to find out the exact moment when you became uphappy with things. Then, when you walk away, your now ex-girlfriend will begin to question if she made the right decision. Now she has to face the music: her relationship is over, and she might not be able to reverse the break up.

What To Say When Your Girlfriend Breaks Up With You

As in most cases like this, less is more. Every word you drop during this conversation will be scrutinized and analyzed by your ex for any flaws or inconsistencies. Stay simple, and don't elaborate. So you want to say something like:

"Look, you're right. Things have been bad between us. Maybe we should be apart, like you said. I think we've both been keeping it down for a while".

From there, don't linger. Don't talk about things. You want to seem as if a weight is being lifted off your shoulders, but you don't want to be happy about it. Give your ex a big hug goodbye, and then walk away.

Your ex might try to engage you in more conversation at this point, or push for details as to why you're unhappy. Don't give her any. If this does happen though, it's a great sign that your ex isn't over the relationship. She's now worried about you moving on with your life, leaving her behind. Effectively, you've turned the tables... and your break up isn't even finalized yet. In fact, you might've just stopped it from happening.

What To Do If Your Breakup Already Happened

Like most people reading this, you might've missed your shot at agreeing with the break up. If your girlfriend dumped you days or weeks ago, you didn't get the chance to play things out the way I described above. But don't worry. There are still ways of putting your ex into the same mindset: making her think you're totally okay with the breakup, and that you're ready to move on without her.

To accomplish this, you'll first need to do something: break contact with your ex for a while. This technique is most effective when your ex hasn't seen or heard from you in a while, and is starting to wonder where you went. Give your ex a good solid week, or even two weeks without any phone calls, emails, text-messages, or any other form of communication.

Just as she starts thinking about you again, that's when you write her a small handwritten note. Explain that yes, she's right, breaking up is probably a good idea for the both of you. One or two sentences, that's all you need. Mail it off to her house - don't leave it on her car or drive over there. And once you mail it, forget it.

This note will a very similar effect on your exgirlfriend as the techniques described above. She'll wonder what happened these last few days to make you see things differently. Did you meet someone else? Are you finally giving up on her? Believe it or not, even if your ex isn't ready to get back together with you... she still wants you to chase her. Girls love the attention and thrill of the chase, even when they're not chasing back. But giving her get back ex fever to the point where she comes after you? That's the next step.

Making Your Ex Miss You and Want You Back

Most guys think the art of making an ex girlfriend miss them requires a concentrated effort. This couldn't be further from the truth. When it comes to getting your girl to think about you again, the best techniques require the least amount of effort or planning. It might be illogical, but the less you do? The more you'll become a mystery to your ex, firmly planting you back in her mind.

Make Your Ex Want You

It all boils down to one simple rule: your exgirlfriend won't miss you if you're always around. Some guys will call their ex, text-message them constantly, and email them on a daily basis. They believe that the more they're visible, the better their chances of producing some of those old sparks. These guys also tend to kiss ass and all put throw themselves into the role of happy 'friend' to their ex girlfriends. They're shooting themselves right in the foot, and think they're doing all good things.

The only true way to get your ex to need you again is the one method that's worked since the dawn of time: going away. Dropping out of sight won't cause your exgirlfriend to think about you right away... but give her a few days or weeks and suddenly she's wondering what happened to you. Her ego will still need you to want her, and by not breaking contact you're doing just the opposite. Her thoughts about you will go from casual curiosity to pointed speculation. Eventually, she'll start putting out feelers - using her friends and social network to try and track you down.

Getting Your Ex To Contact You - The Next Step

Men who chase their exgirlfriends often end up chasing them away. The smart ones realize that the best way of getting your girlfriend back is to let her come to you. Getting your ex to the point where she's actively seeking you out isn't as hard as you think it is, and there are some really great techniques that will help you get started. Some of the very best ones can be found here.

Additional Opening Moves For Reversing Your Break Up

As I said before, the first moves you make immediately after a break up will have the most impact when it comes to dating your ex again. Two resources stand out as the premiere guide to this early and fragile time span. They're listed below, along with a brief explanation of what to expect from each.

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