The Reunion Date - Meeting Up With Your Ex Girlfriend

Seeing your ex girlfriend for the first time after the break up can be pretty daunting, but it's a major milestone on the road to getting her back. You'll need to know exactly what to say, and how to say it correctly so that things go as smooth as possible. But even more important? Understanding what subjects to avoid, and what not to say.

Meeting Ex Girlfriend

Knowing when to meet with your ex is almost as important as what gets said during the conversation. You can't push for a meeting too soon after the relationship ends, and it should happen at a time when your ex is feeling curious as to what you've been up to. As mentioned earlier, the reunion date is the most successful when it comes after a long string of non-contact, in which your ex has had time to think about your relationship and even miss you.

Setting Up The Reunion Date - Getting Her To Commit

The meeting you have with your exgirlfriend will go best if she's happy to see you. Some guys will strongarm or guilt an ex into showing up for lunch, telling them they have something important to say or they've got "big news". This is a lame, contrived way of trapping her into a meeting she doesn't want, and you're going to be very disappointed with the results. If she does come, she's going to be scared and guarded.

Instead, get your ex into a situation where she actually can't wait to see you. There are many great ways to do this, but one of them involves making yourself as big of a mystery as possible in the weeks before you ask her to meet. The less your ex knows about your daily life, the more curious she'll be and the more likely she'll want to see you. This is yet another reason for breaking contact with her after the end of your relationship - it sets up a much better reunion.

Seeing Your Ex Girlfriend Again - Best Places To Meet

The first time around, always suggest a lunch date or a cup of coffee - not a dinner, where she might get nervous that things will go too long. Choose someplace casual, in a neutral location, and make it someplace new. Also make it close to where she lives or works, so she isn't traveling too far to get there. All of these things will keep her comfort level up, and her attitude positive.

The Three Big Rules of The Ex Girlfriend Reunion Date

You should keep three major things in mind when finally meeting up with your ex girlfriend. First and foremost should be her comfort. The more comfortable you can make her, the better reaction you'll have. Your ex will be more open and receptive to talking, and you'll be much more likely to get a second, similar date. This is your ultimate goal: understand that you're not going to fix the break up or get back together the first time you see each other. Rebuilding your relationship is a long, slow process. It should be too, because you're trying to establish something strong and unbreakable this time around.

The second thing you need to do is keep your meeting short. You don't want to run out of things to say, or have periods of long, awkward silence. Each of you will have lots to update the other on, and the date should be over before either of you wants it to be. This is good. If you always leave her wanting more, she'll keep thinking about you even after she's gone home. Getting on your ex's mind is a big part of getting her to want you back.

The last major rule of the reunion date is extremely important: don't talk about your break up. In fact, don't talk about anything serious, including any new relationships either of you might've had. If one or both of you are dating, you can certainly talk about it - but don't pry any information from your ex. If she reunion date starts turning into more of an interrogation, you're going to drive her away very quickly.

Don't Be Nervous... And Don't Let Her Be Either

Keep in mind that if this is the first time you're seeing each other in a while, both of you will be nervous. Even if there aren't any expectations, each of you might be a little awkward in talking about the last few weeks. This is normal, so embrace it. If she's nervous, say something funny to lighten the mood. It won't take long for the two of you to settle back into your old familiar groove, and tensions will ease. Getting past the first five minutes is the hard part, so try and keep a smile on your face.

What To Say When You See Your Ex Girlfriend Again

Many guys are at a loss for words when meeting up with an ex after a break up. They take the situation way too seriously, and as a result their conversation is usually stiff and lame. Try to have fun, and treat it almost like a first date. You want to impress her, make her laugh, and have a good time yourself, too.

Seeing Your Ex Girlfriend

It should be great to see your ex again, and you should tell her so. Do it with a smile, and make her know it. If it's been a while, tell her what you've been up to recently. Then ask how she's been doing, how her family is, and how school or work has been going. Be happy for anything good that might've happened while you were gone from her life. She'll be happy to talk about these things, and it will feel familiar to share them with you again.

Don't however, take this opportunity to spill your guts. This means you shouldn't tell you ex that you miss her, or have been constantly thinking about her, or that you're sorry for anything and everything that ever went wrong between you.

Apology during the reunion date can be disasterous. It can quickly turn a lighthearted lunch date into a serious discussion. Even if you're admitting you were wrong about something, your exgirlfriend will get defensive about the way she handled things at the end of your relationship. Conversation will quickly turn to the break up, and things will go downhill from there. You never want this to happen when you first meet up with your ex. Down the line, when you're getting back together again, there will be a time and a place to discuss what happened between you (and how to fix it). But for now, that conversation should be strictly off limits.

Other Guides That Will Help Reconnect You With Your Ex

Choosing the right moment to reestablish contact with your exgirlfriend isn't always easy, but luckily there are guides designed to let you know when it's time. By knowing how she feels about you and when she's most approachable, your chances of a successful reunion go up dramatically. It's always best to get as much information possible and make the most educated decision you can. Making moves on the fly, just for the sake of doing something, is never productive.

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