Making Your Exgirlfriend Jealous When You Want Her Back

Jealousy. It's the fastest and most effective way to influence your ex girlfriend. Making your ex jealous reaches her on the most emotional of levels, and in some cases it can get her to come running right back to you. But is it a good idea to use jealousy as a tool to get your ex back? And if so, how should you use it?

Making Your Ex Jealous

Many people will have you believe that the jealousy card is a dirty trick to pull. It's certainly a wild card, and can be used in even the most extreme cases - where nothing you've been doing to get back your ex girlfriend seems to be working. Still, employing jealousy to get your ex thinking about you isn't as taboo as you think. Used correctly, it can actually help rekindle your ex girlfriend's interest in you at a time when she's not looking in your direction all that much. In cases such as those, making your ex envy you can create an atmosphere that's conducive to fixing your break up.

Attracting Your Ex's Attention Through Jealousy

When you imagine making an ex feel jealous, you might immediately think of going out and letting her see you date someone else. And while the impact of that scenario would definitely turn her head, there are other more subtle changes you can make - changes to yourself - that will affect the way she looks at you. When trying to instill jealousy in your exgirlfriend it's extremely important that she never know you're intentionally trying to do it. Once she suspects that anything and everything you're doing is solely designed to make her feel that way, she's going to laugh. It'll make you appear sad and desperate.

But by modifying yourself, your situation, and your behavior, you can create an environment in which your ex actually desires to be with you again. Maybe she'd always hoped you would make these changes while you were dating, but enacting them now that you've broken up could still have a positive effect. Even better, she can't suspect of you trying to make her jealous while you're improving your own situation. And when your situation gets better than hers? She may change her mind about the break up.

Getting Over Everything as Fast as Possible

One of the first steps in creating envy is to move forward with your post-break up life faster than your ex does. This means you need to get immediately over your break up. You can't cry, beg, plead, or fight for your ex back. You don't have time to sit around and pity yourself. Crying on your peoples' shoulders about what "she did to you" will only get back to your ex. Instead, walk away cleanly and begin moving on with your life as if completely unaffected by your girlfriend ending your relationship.

These opening moves can be critical to putting yourself in the right mindset, and position, to making your ex want you back again.

When your ex broke up with you she expected certain behaviors on your part. She thought you'd protest her decision and try to talk her out of it. Maybe you even did for a little while, and it didn't work too well. The point here is this: the sooner you can completely accept the break up, the quicker you can get on with life after your ex. And once you do that, she's pressured to do the same.

This doesn't mean you're giving up on getting back your ex girlfriend - it only means that you're done with your past relationship. Know and believe that somewhere down the line you're going to be together again. Part of getting to that point involves making your ex realize that she needs and wants you back. This won't happen while you're chasing her, calling her, or trying desperately to keep ties - romantic or otherwise - with your ex girlfriend.

Nothing Beats Looking Good and Feeling Great

Every relationship begins with an initial physical attraction, so getting yourself back in shape will always help your cause. Hitting them gym after a break up isn't just a good idea, it's a necessity. Not only will you get toned and fit, but you'll also sweat out LOTS of the stress associated with not being together anymore. Exercise is theraputic - you'll look good, feel great, and have tons more energy with which to plan on getting your ex back.

Getting Back Your Ex Girlfriend

You can look good in other ways too. If you live in a warm climate, go running. You can kill two birds with one stone by getting fit and tan. Head out to the mall and buy yourself some new threads. When you feel like a million bucks it'll reflect in everything else that you do. You'll give off vibes of good, positive energy.

Get Out And Do New Things

As your confidence receives a boost, so will your social life. People are attracted others who are active and driven. As you're making new friends and seeing new things, your ex will hear about it. Not only are you not sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring, but you're out having a blast in all different ways. After having considered herself responsible for a big part of your happiness during your past relationship, it'll be a little strange for her to see you having so much fun. An ex girlfriend would rather you were miserable without her than actually thriving on yourself, your friends and family, and whatever activities you've picked up where the relationship left off.

Staying optimistic about everything can actually help reverse your break up. When you're always positive and happy, the people around you will speak highly of everything you do. As your ex girlfriend gets wind of how socially active you are, she won't be able to understand how quickly you were able to get over the break up. And not only over it, but actually happy to be single again - or so it will seem in her eyes.

Dating Other Women To Make Your Ex Jealous

You should never go out with someone for the sole purpose of making your ex girlfriend jealous. That being said, there's absolutely nothing wrong with going out and casually dating a few girls now that you're single again. Although you may still want to get back together with your ex, getting right back on the horse is a great way to show her that she stands to lose you for good - and soon, too - if she doesn't do something quickly.

Some guys make the mistake of grabbing a female friend and trying to trump up a romance. While there's a chance that might work, there's also an equal chance your ex will see through what you're doing and laugh her ass off. Don't get caught trying to conjure up a phony romance... instead, actually go out and seek other women. Take a few of them on casual dates designed to have fun and enjoy yourself. You don't want to hurt someone by expressing false interest, but if the chemistry is there? Why not go for it? You might find someone even more important to you than your ex girlfriend... or you might find your ex knocking on your door the next morning.

Seeing you with another girl is the number one fastest way to make an ex girlfriend jealous. Even if she dumped you... even if she's already moved on by dating another guy... it doesn't really matter. Your ex wants to see that losing her has affected you to the point where you want no one else. Seeing that you've got someone new will always shake her confidence. And if your exgirlfriend is still alone and hasn't moved on herself? That confidence will be shaken to the core.

Guides Designed Specifically To Make Your Ex Come Back

Some guidebooks to relationship repair concentrate on special techniques proven to bring your exgirlfriend back to you. Because she approaches you instead of you chasing her, the new relationship forged when you get back together is much stronger. In her mind, your ex putting the relationship back together was her doing - not yours. This keeps her invested in the new romance on many more levels than if you'd bargained your way back to a reconciliation.

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