So you want her back... more than anything else in the world. So what do you do?

Are there things you can do, during the breakup, that will turn your ex girlfriend's feelings around? Or are you doomed to sit and wait - completely at her own mercy - until she shows signs of wanting you again?

Make Her Want You

Getting back together with someone who dumped you is sort of an artform. There are things that work, things that DON'T work, and things that will send your ex running as fast and as far as her legs will carry her.

This is why it's crucial to make the right opening moves just after your ex breaks up with you. The simple techniques of counter-rejection can greatly accelerate the reversal process. Done correctly, it could mean the difference between getting your girlfriend back in just days instead of weeks or months.

Why Your Ex Doesn't Want You (Right Now)

Let's examine the situation as it stands right now. Your girlfriend ended the relationship. No matter what reason she gave, she sat you down and basically gave you the kiss off.

In all likelihood, the first thing you did was try to talk her out of it. You told her you didn't want things to end, and that whatever gripes she had would be something you could work on.

You used phrases like "things will be better" or even the dreaded "I promise I can change". Every time she listed a problem you had some kind of instant solution, as if there were something you could say to wipe away every argument and get her to change her mind.

In the end, maybe you did the unthinkable: you begged. The degree of begging might've ranged from pleading for "another chance" all the way up to sobbing real tears and thinking that if you can only show how much she means to you, through crying, she'll somehow take it all back.

And this, my friend, is why you're still broken up.

What She Wants to See When She Breaks Up With You

After a breakup, your exgirlfriend is looking for one thing: justification.

Remember, this is a big step for her. She's not going to be 100% sure about it. So the more justification you can give her for breaking up with you? The better she'll feel about the breakup.

Now justification comes in many forms. Seeing you upset is a good one. The fact that you're so emotionally damaged by her ending the relationship tells her that maybe, just maybe, you weren't that good a catch to begin with. Maybe you were dating out of your league. Maybe, because you're so upset, she was too good for you.

Crying is even worse. Suddenly your girlfriend sees you as weak and vulnerable. Regardless of society's "girls want a man who is sensitive" bullshit, you're showing yourself to be a pussy. Your girlfriend doesn't WANT a pussy. If she did, she'd date a girl.

STRENGTH. CONFIDENCE. CHARISMA. These are the traits that a woman is attracted to in a man. You can't exhibit any of these traits on your knees, begging for your girlfriend back. Which is why if you did this? You're already in the hole when it comes to reversing your breakup.

There are 12 major mistakes guys make right after a girl breaks things off. LEARN WHAT THEY ARE, so you can avoid as many of them as possible (and fix the ones you're already doing).

Best Opening Moves to Make Her Need You Back

By far, the greatest opening move you can make is easy: indifference.

Your girlfriend breaks up with you and you shrug your shoulders. "Yeah," you say, "maybe you're right. Maybe we should break up. Things between us haven't been all that good anyway."

Get Girlfriend Back For Good

All of a sudden your girlfriend is totally confused. HE thinks things are bad? He feels the same way I do? This will be baffling to her. How long has he felt this way? WHAT DID I DO WRONG?

Those are the things that will go through her mind the INSTANT you start using counter-rejection. Suddenly you've taken the wind out of her sails. Instead of sitting back to watch and examine how the break up impacts you, she is forced to react to it instead.

This is huge. No, it's bigger than huge. It's a game-changing technique that puts your ex in a questionable mindset.

All of a sudden things aren't so clear. Everything isn't cut and dry. If you're rejecting her, maybe there was something SHE could do to make the relationship better? maybe she bears some of the responsibility for the break up. Maybe she could've been a better girlfriend.

Obviously every situation will be different, but this is just one of several early moves you need to make. With each of them you successfully pull off, you'll get one step closer to changing your girlfriend's mind. And that much nearer to making her want you again.

Again, the quicker you can start making the correct choices, the faster you can stop making the wrong ones. Winning the heart of an ex girlfriend is all about timing. No matter what the circumstances that drove you apart, there's always a window of opportunity during which you can find your way back to the way things were.

Wait too long, and that window closes. Often for good.

What to Do if She Already Ended the Relationship

If you're not sure what to do because your break up already happened, don't worry. There are still reconciliation techniques you can use even if she dumped you days or even weeks ago.

The one thing you need to follow however, is a step by step plan. You can't guess, you can't fake it, and you can't just close your eyes and hope for the best. Not if you want to win her back.

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