How Does Your Ex Feel About You?  Ways To Find Out

One of the most biggest factors in determining whether or not you're successful in getting back your ex girlfriend will be timing. Sometimes it's not what you do, but when you do it that makes the difference. Any time you take a step toward getting back together again, you'll need to do it only when your exgirlfriend is receptive to the idea. To accomplish this, you'll need to know exactly how she feels about you.

Ex Has Feelings For You

Newsflash: Women Can Sometimes Be Hard To Read

If you think your girlfriend's mood was tough to figure out while you were dating, knowing what she's thinking might seem next to impossible now that you've broken up. Women are notorious for saying one thing and meaning another; they're just not as direct as men when it comes to those things. This can lead to miscommunication, which when coupled with some wishful thinking can convince you that your girlfriend is ready to get back together again... when the truth is she's really not.

"So how can I know how my ex really feels about me?"

In short, you'll never be 100% certain. However, there are some telltale signals your exgirlfriend will give off when she's looking favorably upon you again. Some of these signs will be more obvious, while others will need to be interpreted by her actions, vocal inflection, and even her body language. You'll need to keep your eyes and ears open for these things, so you know when the time is right to make your move.

Examining How Your Ex Treats You Post-Break Up

One of the biggest indicators of her real feelings will be how your exgirlfriend treats you after the break up. Is she quiet, reserved, and non-communicative with you? Or does she still call, email, or send you text-messages? In a best case scenario, your ex is still trying to maintain some sort of friendly contact with you after the end of your relationship. That's not to say you should pick up the friendship gauntlet and run with it, but it is a good sign that she's not 100% finished with you yet.

Ex Girlfriend Angry

If your relationship ended on an angry or sour note, continued emotions along those lines can also be a good sign. The fact that your ex girlfriend is still pissed about something shows that she still cares. In some way, the breakup is still causing her anger or pain. Left alone for a while, your ex could be given a chance to reconcile those emotions and file them away. From there, she could begin looking to establish a path back to a relationship with you. Feelings - either good or bad - are always positive indications that you're still on your ex's mind.

Indifference however, is your worst case scenario. When your ex doesn't care enough to be angry or pissed, and doesn't care enough to look over her shoulder to see what you're doing... things aren't looking good. Does she not return your calls or messages? Does she seem bored when you talk to her? Does she give you a lot of one-word answers, followed by a bunch of silence? An ex who acts apathetic toward you is losing interest in what the two of you once had together.

In such a case, you'll need to act quickly if you want to save the relationship. There are methods you can use to reel her back in if it seems that your ex girlfriend is too casual, too uncaring, and is generally slipping away. Learn which techniques are designed to renew her interest in you, and do it quickly before things get worse.

Other Signs Your Ex Still Thinks About You - Email

In today's digital age, there are a lot of ways for your ex to stay in touch with you without ever talking or seeing you. She might send you a quick text message or two, forward you some funny emails, or even write something clever on your Facebook wall. All of these signals are indications that your ex girlfriend still has an interest in what you're doing. She wants to keep you semi-close; at least at the distance of her fingertips.

If you're in the initial stages of the break up where dropping off your ex's radar is essential, your best bet is to not respond. A girl who's gone out on a limb to offer you some attention always expects attention in return. By giving her none, you're making her ten times more interested in you than she'd be if you answered those emails. Remember: she broke up with you. Don't feel obligated to fill your inbox and outbox with feeble small talk designed to make your ex girlfriend feel comfy and cozy about the break up.

The Ex Girlfriend Phone Call - What To Do and Say

Whenever your exgirlfriend calls you up, it's almost always good. If you're trying to get your ex back, this is actually the holy grail of phone calls. There are lots of ways to handle it when your ex dials you out of the blue, but there are some general rules too. The first? Not sounding overly excited to hear from her, even though you are. Tipping your hand like that can make you come off a little desperate. You want to let her think you were busy when she called, but that you're taking time out to talk to her anyway. This will make her feel appreciated while at the same time boosting her curiosity as to why you're so busy all of a sudden.

And once again, if you're still in the silent stages of your breakup, you can always let the phone go unanswered. Call waiting is an excellent way of letting your ex leave a rambling, stumbling message on your answering machine. And if she doesn't leave one? You're under even less of an obligation to call her back. Let your ex wonder whether or not you noticed she called... and why you're not getting back to her. The more you can put her out of her comfort zone, the more she'll start thinking about what you're doing, where you're at, and who you're with.

Your Ex Drops By To Say Hello - How To Handle It

Now if your ex stops by to see you, that's even better news. The desire to physically see you went beyond making a simple phone call or sending you an email to say hello. Your exgirlfriend might not act as if dropping by is a big deal, but you both know different. Let her stumble over whatever excuse she made up to stop by, and tell her that it's good to see her again. Don't go telling her you miss her, or were thinking about her, or any of that sappy stuff... let your ex take whatever steps necessary at whatever speed she wants. If she's coming back in your direction, all you need do is hold the door open.

Talking To Ex Girlfriend

Keep an eye on your ex's body language when she does make such a visit. You should know her well enough by now to tell when she's flirting, when she's excited, and when she's glad to see you. Your ex might even display the opposite traits: being nervous is a big one. She might act confused - as if seeing you might be a bad idea - or scared, as if not sure what to say.

No matter what happens, you need to keep your cool. Too often guys blow it at the first sign of interest from an ex girlfriend. Remember: even if she does want you back, you need to let her come to you. You can't jump the gun, or meet her halfway. Your goal is not only to get back your ex girlfriend, but to date her again on your own terms. The best way to do this is by allowing her to repair the break up at her own speed.

How To Interpret When Your Ex Sends You Mixed Signals

Wherever your ex happens to be in the reconcilation process, you don't want to give yourself false hope. Thinking positive is always good policy, but you want to stop short of wishful thinking. To get a much better idea of where you stand with your ex girlfriend, check out our Review Page. It contains many helpful hints and tips, as well as which resources will help you decypher the signals your ex may be giving you.

Ex girlfriend contact can get pretty confusing, especially if you suspect you're not getting straight answers. If your ex plays the "let's be friends" card on you, you'll need to know What To Do When Your Ex Wants To Be Friends.

And if it's been a while and you're not sure how to go about re-establishing a connection, you'll want to read Meeting Up With Your Exgirlfriend.

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