Getting Your Ex Back Fast - Accelerate Your Reconciliation

I'm not going to lie to you... there's no instant method that will get your ex back overnight. As good as some of these techniques are, even the shortest break up needs some time to resolve itself. That being said, there are some great methods for accelerating the whole make up process. Used correctly, these techniques can halt the breakup and reverse it, turning your girlfriend around very quickly.

Get Ex Back Quickly

Accept That Things Are Over

Even though you're looking to get back with your ex girlfriend, you can't move forward until you've resolved the break up. To do this, you need to accept the fact that your relationship finally has ended. Some big advice: Do this early. Until you do, your ex is going to feel as if you're fighting her on the decision to end things. Very rapidly, she'll see you as someone who's desperately clinging to her leg as she tries to walk away from what she perceives to be a broken relationship.

By accepting the break up, you're letting her know that you yourself are moving forward. You've just agreed with her, and that's a good thing. In some ways, it puts you both on the same ground again. Getting back together with your ex can be accelerated with feelings of kinship and teamwork. If she's saying all these negative things about your relationship, and you nod your head and tell her "Yeah, I see that stuff too", it makes your ex feel justified. This type of satisfaction will open her mind to moving forward as well, where together the two of you can find ways to work out these common problems that you've just agreed upon.

Refuse Any Offers to Be Friends With Your Ex

The "let's be friends" line is one of the oldest and most overused tricks in the book of love, and it's often very misunderstood. When it drops from her lips, you'll need to know exactly how to handle it, or you can find yourself in a very strange position of pseudo-friendship with someone you'd really like to date instead.

Half the time, "let's just be friends" is an honest attempt at letting you down easy. The other half, it's a way of your ex keeping you around while she decides whether or not to make the break up permanent. Either way, you need to refuse this offer. Being friends with an ex girlfriend only leads to heartache, confusion, and the dreaded Friend Zone.

Friends with Ex

When your ex breaks up with you and still wants to be friends, you can't let her off the hook that easily. This type of copout allows her the freedom to do whatever she wants, with whomever she wants... while at the same time maintaining a relationship with you. She gets all the social and emotional benefits of talking to, emailing, and staying in touch with you - maybe even still hanging out together. Yet she has none of the drawbacks: she doesn't have to answer to you or remain loyal.

Staying friends with an ex girlfriend will always prolong your break up. It's like giving her the best of both worlds, while you hang around waiting for her to come back to you.

In short, don't be that guy. If your ex breaks up with you, turn your back and walk away. Wave off any offers to remain friends - this will very quickly get her worried that you plan to move on without her. No exgirlfriend wants to see you dating a new girl, especially before she gets the chance to move on. Your refusal to be friends will jar her out of her comfort zone and force her to make a decision: does she really love and want you? If so she'd better make up her mind quickly, because you're not playing the frienship game.

For more detailed information on how to handle the situation when your ex wants to stay friends with you, click here.

Don't Immediately Return Your Her Phone Calls or Messages

Whenever a girl breaks up with you and tries to keep in touch, it's a good sign. If your ex is calling you up, leaving messages, sending emails or generally trying to maintain contact with you, it's easy to get excited and jump the gun. You'll want to call her back right away to find out what she wanted, but in most cases there's a better way to pique her interest.

You never want to leave the impression that you're waiting around by the phone, waiting for your exgirlfriend to call you. By the same principal, you don't want to return her calls too quickly either. If you can wait a day, even two days after she leaves you a message, you'll look like a champ when you finally do call her back. She'll wonder what took you so long, but instead of being angry she'll actually be intrigued. Something must be up with you if it took this much time to get back to her, and maybe you're even losing interest. Worrying your ex that you might not be chasing her anymore is a good way to get her to want you again, on many different levels.

And while I don't advocate game playing when it comes to relationships, the only thing better than delaying a call back your ex is to not call her at all. Imagine how she feels when you're not even getting back in touch with her. She'll feel rejected, maybe even a little bit hurt... the same emotions you felt when she broke up with you. A taste of this medicine can quickly reverse her thinking, making your ex realize she stands to lose you. Putting her into that mental state will accelerate any type of resolution she might be considering. This type of approach can make your ex come back to you fast, because in essence you're calling her bluff.

Go Out And Have A Great Time Without Her

Nothing throws off the shackles of desperation faster than going out and having a blast with friends, doing the things that make you smile, and having it somehow get back to your ex girlfriend. During your relationship your ex liked to think she was responsible for a lot of your happiness. She expects you to be miserable without her, and even secretly wants to see this on some levels. By showing her that you're not sitting at home mourning the end of your relationship, she's going to question just how much you needed her in the first place... and this is a very good thing.

Other Fast Ways of Turning Your Break Up Around

When it comes to grabbing hold of your ex's decision to break up and causing her to reverse it, hands down the best resource available is by a man named Matt Huston. His Ex2 System is designed to help you take control of the situation by using some amazing psychological tools. Some great audio clips and specific examples of what I'm talking about can be found by clicking on the image below:

Get Ex Back Quickly

Matt's approach is designed to start working quickly and yield immediate results. Even better, he discusses in detail how you're going to be able to keep your girlfriend once you do get back together again, and be the one in control of the relationship.

Alright, let's move on to Knowing How Your Ex Still Feels About You.

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