How to Make Your Ex Fall Back in Love With You Again

Have you tried everything, but your ex girlfriend is still ignoring you? Maybe you're not taking the right approach. Step by step, learn exactly how to get your ex to fall for you all over again.

Make Ex Girlfriend Love You

Just as relationships begin with sparks and fireworks, they often end just as suddenly. If you've been dumped by your girlfriend, you might already know this. And if you've been trying to win her back? You probably already know that it's a very tricky process.

Getting an ex girlfriend to want you again is a little bit harder the second time around. But if you're willing to play upon her existing feelings and emotional attachments, you can draw her back to you a lot more quickly and easily than you'd think.

Rekindling the sparks of your old romance becomes very simple once you recognize the value of reinventing the person your girlfriend once fell in love with.

Regardless of how things look right now, on many levels your ex still loves you. There are certain parts of your past relationship she's just not yet ready to let go of, and this gives you a small window of opportunity within which you can take action.

Getting Her To Miss You - Making Your Ex Want You Back

Remember when you couldn't stand to be away from each other, even for a few hours? Those powerful feelings that once drew you together can be experienced again.

There are reconnection methods and techniques for making your girlfriend feel that way again, and this is necessary to winning her back. Yet one thing's certain: your ex won't ever consider dating you again until she misses you first.

Chasing your ex post-breakup is a common mistake, and one that will always drive her away. Right now, after ending your relationship, your girlfriend is better off left alone. The more you see her, the more you put yourself in her face? The more she'll grow tired of having you around. Even worse, she could start to resent you.

Getting your exgirlfriend to miss you is rather simple: you need to take yourself completely out of her life. For now at least, you're required to break contact with your ex girlfriend and walk in your own direction. Don't think of it as giving up... try to think of it as taking some time off. It's an investment in your future, because ultimately this little break from each other will help get you back together again. While apart, you'll appreciate each other.

Why Your Ex Girlfriend Isn't Returning Your Calls, or Answering Your Text-Messages

The end of any relationship is an awkward time for both parties. You go from loving and seeing each other on a daily basis to suddenly pretending not to look in each other's direction. This is unnatural, but it's also a part of breaking up. Which is why calling, emailing, and texting your ex after she breaks up with you is so unnatural, and can even ruin your chances of winning your girlfriend back.

Instead of trying to contact your ex right now, you should be breaking down those lines of communication. Instead of chasing your ex and trying to change her mind about the breakup, you should be focusing inwardly on yourself. Once you've disappeared from your ex's life completely, that's when she'll wonder where you are. And once she starts wondering? Jealous thoughts creep in... and your ex begins questioning her decisions.

"Does he miss me? Why isn't he chasing me? Didn't he at least want to try to save the relationship?"

These will be your ex girlfriend's first thoughts, immediately after you break all contact with her. The next thing she'll do is look back to see where you are and what you're doing (and who you're with)... which is why the scarcer you make yourself, the better.

Do this correctly, and YOU should be the one ignoring HER phone calls and text-messages. Suddenly the tables are turned, and your ex girlfriend is chasing you, instead of the other way around.

Reconnection Techniques That Will Make Her Interested In You Again

There are a variety of ways you can get your ex girlfriend's attention after a break up. Some are good, while others are just plain bad. Knowing the difference between these constructive and destructive methods is an important part of getting your ex girlfriend to fall back in love with you.

Get Girlfriend Back For Good

Remember how you felt when you first held her hand? Your first kiss? Those same electric feelings are necessary to spark up a new relationship with your ex girlfriend. You can't just go back into the same old relationship and hope for different results.

Positive changes must be made, and these changes must be something your ex girlfriend realizes and acknowledges before she's willing to give your romance a second chance.

And one more thing most guys don't realize: seeing and feeling these changes must be her idea. Or at least, she needs to think of things that way.

In short, your girlfriend can't be pushed or manipulated (or even worse, guilted) into wanting you back... she has to feel as if SHE needs you, and that giving your relationship another chance is all HER idea, and not yours.

Want your ex back, but not sure what to do first? It's crucial that you have a step by step plan before attempting to get your exgirlfriend's attention again. You can't just "wing it" and hope that things work out, just as you can't pick up the phone and start talking to her without knowing exactly what to say.

Don't leave the future of your relationship to chance. Know what to do and when to do it, and take a more proactive approach to repairing your break up.

For more information on getting her back, read up on this four-step process to regaining the relationship you once had.

Find out EXACTLY which stage of the breakup you're currently in, and make the necessary moves from there.

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