How To Get Your Exgirlfriend Back - The Ultimate FAQ

Looking to win your girlfriend back but not sure how? Whether you just got dumped or have been trying for a while, this Ultimate FAQ covers anything and everything you'd ever want to know about turning your ex around. Learn the right moves that will put you back into her heart and mind, as well as the wrong ones that will destroy your chances of getting back together again.

Get Girlfriend Back

"Are There Really Techniques That Will Get Your Ex Back?"

Of course! Fixing a break up is like anything else in life - if you apply the right knowledge and are willing to put in some effort, you can repair the situation between you and your ex girlfriend. It's all a matter of knowing exactly what to do, and understanding how to approach your ex only when the timing is right.

No matter what your situation might be, there's a frequently asked question to cover it. By addressing the specific circumstances surrounding your break up, you can get exactly the help you're looking for. Think of all the thousands of guys who've gone before you, facing these same scenarios. By learning from their wisdom, you can apply it to your own situation.

From communication issues to ex girlfriend contact... from friendship to cheating to your ex already dating again - all these subjects and more are listed below, just scroll on down to find the answer to your question.

"My Ex Girlfriend Won't Talk To Me... Can I Still Get Her Back?"

Definitely. Loss of communication occurs naturally after most break ups. While you might still want to talk to your ex, right now she doesn't want to hear from you... and for a variety of reasons. Some of them include her feeling awkward around you (after all, she did just dump you) to trying to be alone with her thoughts, to actually being afraid to see you for fear it might spark up some old feelings.

You also need to understand that right after a girl breaks up with you, she runs to her friends and family for some support. How would it look if she were still talking to you right now? Probably like she's wishy-washy. Which is why, at least for now, she might stick to a no contact policy when it comes to you, her now ex boyfriend.

"What's The Fastest Way To Get My Girlfriend Back?"

It would be nice if there was a catch-all, end-all solution to getting a girl to love you again, but unfortunately there isn't. Your ex thought long and hard before breaking up with you, so reversing that decision will take some time as well. That being said, there are some definite things you can do to speed up or accelerate the process of getting your ex back. By learning the fastest ways to turn your girlfriend around, you can ensure that you'll spend the least amount of time apart possible.

"When My Girlfriend Dumped Me She Said We Needed 'A Break'. What Does She Mean By That, And What Should I Do?"

A break is usually your girlfriend's way of changing things up, or trying out new things. Unfortunately for you, these new things might include her dating someone else. By asking for "a break" instead of actually breaking up with you, your girlfriend gets to test-drive a new relationship while keeping you hanging around in case she decides that yours is better. Nice, right?

Of course, one other possibility exists. Requesting some time off from your relationship could be her way of outright breaking things off. Maybe she didn't have the courage to do it all at once, and thinks that she can slip quietly away during the break. Watch for signs of indifference, where your ex starts to ignore your calls and not really care much about keeping in touch anymore.

In either case, when your girlfriend tells you she wants a break it's cause for immediate action. The most common approach might be to fight her decision or get her to change her mind. Either of these moves would be a big mistake. You can't give up position or power here, which means that rolling with things is the only option.

Instead of going against her wishes you need to embrace the suggestion and take it as a full-fledged break up. Remove yourself from the relationship entirely, and do it as quickly as possible. When your ex sees that you haven't resisted, she's going to immediately wonder why. She'll need to know what ulterior motives you have in mind, and whether or not you plan on seeing other people during the break. As you break all contact and do your own thing, she's going to worry that you're moving on without her. This is not what she wants. Your girlfriend would love for you to stay put, stay friendly, and stay in touch while she goes out and does whatever she wants to do. Which is why you're going to do none of those things, if you want any chance of getting her back.

"My Girlfriend Wants Us To See Other People. Are We Broken Up?"

Yes. Don't fool yourself into thinking you still have some sort of pseudo-relationship with your ex girlfriend while the two of you date others. She might try to sway you into remaining friends, or even keep casually in touch after the break up. But make no mistake about it - your relationship with your girlfriend is definitely over.

The only thing to do at this point is accept it, move forward, and decide whether or not you want to win her back. If you still love her and decide the relationship is worth fighting for, you'll need to know exactly how to get started.

"My Ex Used To Call Me After We Stopped Dating, But Now Contact Seems To Have Tapered Off. Is She Losing Interest?"

That depends on your post-breakup relationship. Have you been actively trying to get your girlfriend back? Or have you played more of a friendship role, sitting back passively while making small talk with your ex?

It's possible that your girlfriend was still interested in dating you after the break up, but that you didn't generate enough interest for her to consider it. This means you weren't proactive enough to win her back. While this makes the process harder, it doesn't mean you're finished. There are ways of reigniting the old sparks that made your ex fall in love with you, and bringing her back to a point where she misses and needs you again.

Before you do anything else, you need to establish a solid plan of action. Do you want your ex back? If so, you need to dedicate yourself to making some effort. Very few women will come back all on their own; you have to satisify the needs you weren't meeting when she broke things off in the first place.

"What Are The Rules of Ex Girlfriend Calling? How Do I Know When To Contact My Ex, And What's The Best Way To Do It?"

There's no specific answer to these questions, but there are some solid general rules. The first thing you need to know about contacting your ex is that any communication you initiate immediately after the break up is probably not a good idea.

Ex Girlfriend Calling

When your ex first ends things, she's in an awkward position. She wants to think things through herself, reconcile her feelings for you, talk to some friends, and spend some time alone. Unfortunately however, this seems to be where most guys go wrong. As you feel your ex girlfriend slipping from your grasp, the immediate tendency is to hold on tighter. That's actually the worst thing you can do, because the harder you grip, the faster your girlfriend will slip through your fingers.

To stop this cycle of unproductive behavior, you need to suck it up and give your ex what she wants most: her space. Right after she dumps you is not the time to talk about getting back together again. Letting your girlfriend have time to herself will help you reconcile your own feelings, keep you from looking desperate, and even give your ex a chance to miss you. Calling or contacting your ex during this crucial period is actually counterproductive to getting her back.

That being said, there are definitely things you can do during this time period that will get your ex thinking about you again. Making your ex miss you is one of the biggest keys to getting back in her heart. By mastering some of these techniques, you can actually get your ex to call you. This is a huge advantage when it comes to making your girlfriend want you back.

"I'm Still Talking To My Ex, But I Don't Know What To Say. What Can I Tell My Exgirlfriend That Will Win Her Back?"

Every guy wants to know the one magic phrase that will melt his girl's heart and put her back in his arms again. The bad news is that there's no single set of words that can do that in every situation. But the good news? There are definite ways of making your ex feel that old magic again, through saying the right things at just the right times.

Learning when to contact your ex may be crucial, but knowing what to say is equally important. If you've been communicating with your ex since the beginning of the break up, the phone calls and emails you've been trading back and forth are probably filled with small talk. You need to get past that type of communication and break on through into something more constructive. When the time is right, you'll have to let your ex know that you want her back, while at the same time very subtly letting her know exactly why things will be different. And the hard part? You have to do all this without being pushy, or making your ex feel like you're trying to pressure her back into a relationship with you.

All that sounds pretty hard, especially when you consider the factors of proper timing. Still there are things you can say to your ex girlfriend on the phone that will help make her more receptive to getting back together. When you learn to pre-set the mood and proper atmosphere before bringing these things up, you're a lot more likely to have success when talking to your ex about dating again.

When trying to reverse your girlfriend's decision to end things, moving slowly and deliberately is important. But they key is that you still have to move. Winning your girl back doesn't happen unless you're making a planned effort. You can work toward unlocking the secrets of talking to your ex in such manner that doesn't scare her off, yet makes her suddenly realize that she wants and needs you back in her life again.

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