How to Know If Your Girlfriend Cheated on You

As bad as your break up might be, nothing will make you feel more hurt or angry than to find out your girlfriend has been cheating during your relationship. Knowing the truth about your ex seeing another man can make the difference between wanting to get her back or leaving her to walk seperate ways.

Girlfriend Cheated on Me

The Effects of Cheating

If your ex was seeing another guy on the side while she was still dating you, your relationship was doomed no matter what you tried to do. Trying to keep a romance together when there's a third party involved is like filling a tub with the drain plug already pulled - no matter how much you put into it, it's never going to be enough to keep it going.

There are many ways to hide cheating, so it's not always obvious when it happens to you. When you find out, feelings of being hurt and betrayed will immediately follow... but what many guys don't realize is that you'll also feel foolish and embarassed, too. These are natural reactions to not realizing what was going on behind your back. You might even blame yourself for being too detached from the relationship to know that your girlfriend was screwing around with another man.

The Signs of Cheating - And How To Spot Them

Women are traditionally not as good at hiding cheating as men are. They tend to become emotionally attached to the guy they're seeing, which often leads them to make big mistakes. Some of these can actually be intentional - but at a subconcious level. Part of her psyche may be trying to end your relationship by not-so-subtly leaving you specific clues that she's messing around.

Beyond that, the other signs that your girlfriend is cheating will be a little more obvious. Today, the world relies on constantly staying in communication with one another - anywhere and everywhere you go. Phone, pager, Blackberry, text-messages, even GPS systems... all of these things can be used to track somebody down. For the same reason, they can be used to identify a cheater. Unless you completely unplug, you're always going to be caught cheating because some electronic trace of your infidelity will inevitably be left behind.

Below are some common signs that your girl is cheating on you, or has in the past. The more of these behaviors you see within your relationship, the greater the chance that she's seeing someone else.

 Your Girlfriend Takes Secret Calls - Your girlfriend's phone is your number one tool for identifying signs that she's cheating on you. If she goes into the next room to take a phone call, it better be because the current room is noisy. Having conversations she doesn't want you to hear is a sure sign something's up, especially if she's keeping her conversations very short or clapping her cellphone shut every time you walk up on her. These could be signs of cheating, but you must tread carefully.

 She Blocks Or Hides Her Cellphone - While everyone's entitled to a certain amount of privacy, your girlfriend's cellphone shouldn't be a source of secrecy or mystery. If she's leaving it lying around openly for you to use, that's great. But the minute she starts hiding it, keeping it in her purse, or - and here's the kicker - locking it with a PIN code? She's trying to hide certain calls or text-messages from you.

And if you find strange incoming or outgoing numbers on your girlfriend's cellphone? You can do a reverse cellphone lookup to find out exactly who she's talking to.

 Your Girlfriend Works Extra Hours - There's nothing suspicious about a little overtime here and there, but when that happens it's usually on a set schedule. But if you see your girlfriend working odd hours during different days of the week? Such inconsistancy could be a sign that she's seeing someone else during those hours. He could be a coworker or someone she met elsewhere, but people have been using extra work hours as an excuse to cheat on their partners since the dawn of time.

 Your Girl Goes Out at Strange Times - Once more, you need to look for inconsistancy. Nothing's wrong with a girl's night out here and there, but if your girlfriend is always heading out at weird hours - especially early morning hours before work... she could be meeting another guy. Unfaithfulness always leads to a break in regular daily schedule or work patterns, so look for that.

 She Suddenly Takes Great Interest In Her Appearance - If you've been dating a while, you and your girlfriend will become very comfortable and lax around each other. You've seen her in the morning, with her makeup off, etc... But when a girl first starts seeing someone? She always makes sure she looks good. Which is why you should be wary of your girl suddenly changes her dress or appearance. If she's looking especially sharp, doing her hair and nails for no reason, getting all dressed up when she's not going anywhere in particular? Your girlfriend could be making herself look good for someone else.

 Your Girlfriend Showers at Odd Times - A very common sign of cheating is the mid-day shower. Most people pick a time to shower and stick to it - usually the morning or evening. If your girlfriend begins taking showers during opposite times, or washing up in the middle of the afternoon? Try to determine where she was that day. It's possible that she met someone in secret, and is washing away the evidence.

 She Changes Her Passwords - Many couples share computer access, email passwords, file folders, etc... For this reason, any change in girlfriend's computer habits - as far as security is concerned - is a big red flag. Did she change her email password and 'forget' to tell you? Does she have another email account? There are ways of finding this out. In today's world, cheating begins with email and text-message flirtation and ends in the bedroom. Be on the lookout for signs that your girlfriend has used her computer to carry on an affair with someone else.

 She Loses Interest In You Abruptly - A new lover will always spawn one thing: the desire to see that person more and more. When your girlfriend cheats on you with another guy, she's going to want to spend more and more time with him... and much less time with you. To accomplish this she might pick fights where there really aren't any, just to have an excuse to walk away from you on a Friday or Saturday night. If your girl seems to have lost interest in you rather suddenly, and storms off for the night without answering your calls? There's a good chance you're being cheated on.

If your girlfriend is exhibiting any of the above signs, it doesn't necessarily mean she's going outside of your relationship or seeing another guy. But if she's showing three, four, or more of them? She might be unfaithful. There are several very private and subtle ways of finding out for sure if your girlfriend is cheating on you. If you want to know for sure, check out this resource.

Finding Out If Your Ex Girlfriend Cheated On You

Before you begin on the quest to get back your ex girlfriend, you'll certainly want to know if it's worth it. If your ex ended things with you so she could date someone else, that's something you have to know for sure before you make a single move. She might be in a rebound relationship right now, in which case you'll need to wait it out. For some additional advice on this special situation, be sure to read our detailed guide to getting your ex back from someone else.

Learning whether or not she cheated during your original relationship will be more difficult. Now that you're broken up, you don't have the same rights to ask questions or make inquiries. Still, there are definite indications that your girlfriend was seeing someone else during the time you were together. The above signs might've been prevalent, or she may have jumped right into a new relationship. If this rebound took place with someone she already knew - a friend or coworker for example - chances are you weren't the only guy at bat during your romance. Take this knowledge to heart, and use it to determine whether or not you still want your ex back.

The Good News About a Cheating Girlfriend

It's always good to look at the glass as half full, and a positive attitude always helps with anything you plan to do. That being said, there's a definite bright side to learning your girlfriend was unfaithful to you. Whether you caught her cheating during your relationship or learned about it after the break up, the good news is that because she had someone else, she never fully got the chance to address her feelings for you.

What this means is that she never obtained closure in your own relationship. There's a great chance your ex still has feelings of love for you, but she buried them - maybe even temporarily - in order to start hooking up with someone else. She might've dug deeply or she may have buried those feelings shallow... either way, it's your job to dig those feelings up again and get her to face them. If there's still an honest attraction between you, you've got an excellent shot of getting back together with your ex.

More Resources To Help Detect Cheating in a Relationship

The following two guides are extremely helpful to determine whether or not you're being cheated on. Each of them contains many tips and tricks you can use to catch a cheater. More importantly, they include extensive tools for doing things such as undeleting text messages, looking up cellphone numbers, retrieve trashed emails, and a host of other great tricks that allow you to find out for sure if your girlfriend is being unfaithful to you.

Catch Your Cheating Spouse

Catch a Cheating Spouse    by Sarah Paul
This incredibly popular manual shows you how to look up strange phone numbers, retrieve deleted text messages, and track emails. Learn to secretly check for signs of cheating all around your home, your girlfriend's car, and in places you might not think to look for them.


Catch A Cheat

Catch a Cheating Lover    by Edward Talurdey
In just 3 minutes you can find out whether or not your partner is cheating on you! Uncover the critical mistakes every cheater makes, and how to spot them, as well as super-stealth tricks to catching your lover red-handed even if you're thousands of miles away.

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