She broke it off... but she's still sending text messages?

As if girls aren't hard enough to figure out, what the hell does this mean? Is she still interested? Does she still want to hang out? Or is your ex girlfriend keeping you in her life "as a friend" instead of a boyfriend?

Ex Still Texting Me

After a break up, all contact means something. This is simple, undeniable fact.

That's the good news. The bad news?

It's up to you to figure out exactly why your ex is still sending those text-messages.

This is the hard part, of course. If you want her back, it's your responsibility to decypher exactly what these messages mean. Guess wrong, and you could make the mistake of pushing her further away.

But get it right, and you actually shift the balance of power with these techniques. The results you get from this methodology are pretty incredible, but they can only be used at exactly the right stage in the break up process. As with most things in life, timing is everything.

Reasons Your Ex Girlfriend Still Texts You

Now before we get into getting her back, you need to understand why your ex still sends you text messages. There are different reasons this might happen, and all of them will give subtle clues as to how she still feels about your past (and possibly future) relationship.

•   Your Ex Girlfriend is Lonely

This is a pretty good one. In this case, your girl has broken up with you but she still misses the contact the two of you had. Alone and lonely, she texts you, and these text messages will usually come late at night.

The good news is she's still thinking about you. She's texting you instead of her friends, and that's another good sign. But at the same time, she's still continuing the break up. She's using this type of contact as sort of a crutch - to lean on - so she can feel emotionally supported in her decision to end things with you.

If you're one of those guys who told her "I'll be there for you", your exgirlfriend is going to take advantage of that. She knows she can contact you and run things past you, but that you're obligated NOT to try and get her back. See, you've already promised to be her friend. With each successive call and text message, you slip further and further into the FRIEND ZONE.

Obviously, this isn't what you want. Which is why you need to minimize texts with your ex girlfriend, or better yet, eliminate them entirely. Now I know this sounds counter-productive to getting her back, but trust me, it's the most important part of setting the stage.

Later on, you'll use these reconnection techniques to start up contact again. But not until you've cut her loose, and created enough distance so that your ex misses you first.

•   Your Ex Is Asking for Her Things Back

This is pretty common, especially right after the break up. If you and your ex shared a place, this will certainly happen. If you lived apart, there's still a good chance she contacts you for something she left behind.

The smaller the item, the more this means.

Think about that. Obviously if she left something important like a laptop or Ipad over your place, she's going to want it back. But if your exgirlfriend is contacting you for a movie or DVD or something small and insignificant, she's using that item as an excuse to get in touch with you.

•   Your Ex Wants to Meet Up with You

If you're at this stage of the breakup, she's caving. 99% of the time, anyway.

The reunion date is the last step in getting back together wtih an ex girlfriend. You're in the home stretch, but you haven't scored yet, so don't jump the gun and move too fast. There are lots of big mistakes you can make in meeting up with your ex, so you'll want to avoid most or even all of them.

Check this great page for a step-by-step breakdown of what to do (and not do) when you meet your ex for the first time after the breakup.

•   Your Ex Girlfriend Wants to Meet for Sex

Ah, the late-night booty call. The ex-boyfriend hookup. The guiltless middle-of-the-night semi-drunken text that leads to fun, carefree sex.

By morning though, your girl is out of there FAST. She feels a lot different than she did the night before, now that she's gotten what she wanted out of her system. Be careful of this scenario, because you might get hurt. Just because she wants a night of sex with you, don't take it to mean the two of you are back together again. Not even close.

Yes, exgirlfriends get horny too. And sometimes a girl is just looking for a shadow of the closeness and comfort she felt wrapped in your arms. If this is the case, you CANNOT read too much into it. Go into it with absolutely no expectations, and make absolutely NO mention of getting back together.

In fact, the more indifferent you are to the whole thing? The more intrigued your ex will be. She's going to look at you to see if the sex meant something to you. Show her that it doesn't, and suddenly she's questioning the breakup. Suddenly you seem to have moved on, and yet here she is going backwards.

This is exactly like the reversal techinques you can use to make your ex need you again, both mentally and emotionally. The more of these techniques you employ, the simpler it will be when she does contact you.

The two guides below are AMAZING resources when it comes to dealing with an ex girlfriend. The first one lays out a step-by-step blueprint on how you can get her back.

The second one? Well... let's just say the second one teaches you so much about what women actually want, it's almost a little bit unfair.

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