Getting Your Ex Back When She's Dating Someone Else

Watching your ex start dating again before you can fix the relationship is every guy's worst nightmare. As she goes off with another man, you might think you've lost any hope of reconciliation. But while seeing her with a new boyfriend hurts like a dagger through the heart, I'm here to tell you it's probably not as bad as you think.

Ex Dating Someone Else

Just after breaking up with you, any romance your ex jumps into is probably nothing more than a rebound relationship. This might be small consolation to you right now, as you're preoccupied with envisions her kissing and dating someone else. But in the grand scheme of things, a rebound romance is probably your best chance of getting her back. When her new relationship falls apart, you can use it's demise as a springboard to put her back into your arms... if you know the right way to do it.

For this reason you must be patient, and look at the big picture. Yes, your ex is with someone else. Yes, she's sleeping with him. No, there's nothing you can do about it right now - and actually, anything you do to try and interfere is going to come off as desperate and jealous. While it really sucks to know your ex girlfriend is dating again, close your eyes and imagine your end goal: getting back together with her. Knowing that this will eventually happen should take the edge off the pain of seeing her with another man.

Why Your Ex Seeing Another Guy Can Actually Be Good

If you've been broken up for a long while and haven't managed to win back your exgirlfriend's love, she may be trying to finally move on. But if your girl just broke up with you recently and then jumped into this new relationship? Chances are she didn't have the time to fully resolve her feelings for you. This is a great thing, because instead of dealing with those feelings she chose to bury them. And if her new romance happened rather quickly, she probably didn't bury them very deep. That means they're still there, just beneath the surface.

FACT: Most rebound relationships last about 2 to 5 weeks.

If you're willing to wait that out, your ex is going to be single again. And not only single, but vulnerable too. When a rebound relationship ends it's usually the girl who gets hurt, and when this happens your ex is going to be looking for some comfort. She'll need a familiar face, and someone she knows and trusts. Her friends will be there for her, but friendship can only cover some of the emotional needs of a girl who's feeling hurt and rejected right now. And that's where you come in.

Getting Your Ex Back After She's Been Dumped

Being there for your exgirlfriend after her new romance has failed is a huge step toward winning her back. You're in a strong position, and she's weak, tired, and emotionally spent. She's also feeling needy, and because she was just rejected she's going to welcome any positive attention. Give that to her, but do it slowly and gently. Don't talk too much about her fling, or what happened - let her get it out if she needs to, but keep your own involvement at a minimum. You're giving her a shoulder to cry on, not an interrogation. And you're representing strength and support - two things she needs more than anything right now.

Transitioning from this supportive role back into that of a boyfriend should be simple, but it's made even easier when you know these techniques. Learn all the ways you can rekindle your romance and bring back the sparks that flew at the beginning of your relationship. Being the person she fell in love with at this point is what will attract your ex more than anything else.

Stealing Your Ex Back From Her New Boyfriend

As fast as a rebound can fail however, there's always the chance that your exgirlfriend's new relationship succeeds for a time. If this happens, you'll need to know how to first win back her interest, and then win back her heart. Both of these goals can be accomplished if you apply the right techniques, but timing is especially crucial in the case where your ex is dating another guy.

The first thing to do is to wait out the beginning, or "honeymoon" stages of her new relationship. This is the time where her new boyfriend can do nothing wrong, and everything is all puppy dogs and ice cream for her. You could show your ex a mugshot of her new boyfriend's murder charge... it won't matter one bit. She's going to stay with this guy until the honeymoon ends, which could be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, even a month. During this time, all you can do is lay low and work on yourself - stay active, and keep a positive mindset.

Dropping Out Of Sight - Making Your Ex Miss You

As in the case of most break ups, the more she sees or hears from you the less your exgirlfriend will be thinking about you. To combat this, you'll need to break contact for a while. Remind yourself that this is a temporary but necessary part of winning her back. Staying in touch with your ex during the initial phases of her new relationship will accomplish absolutely nothing, but disappearing from view will get her wondering where you are, and how you're handling the new of her new boyfriend.

Cutting all ties with your ex girlfriend includes any type of communication where she might email or text-message you as well. As tough as it might be to not have any contact at all with your ex, she's going to go through the same types of withdrawals. You might not know it, because it's not something she'll advertise, but while your ex is dating a new guy she'll be thinking of you, comparing the two of you, and even reminiscing about old times the two of you had... especially if you dated for a while.

Re-Establishing Friendly Contact With Your Ex Girlfriend

When enough time has passed, the next move to getting your ex back will be establishing contact again. This is easy to do once you've been apart for a while, as both of you will be eager to talk - at least casually. This is probably best done through a phone call, or a simple email saying hello. The two of you might not have talked about her new romance, so it may be awkward until she broaches that subject. Once she does however, you need to embrace it and be happy for her. Try to be genuine here, because your ex will detect any bitterness or sarcasm. And if you say a single bad thing about her new boyfriend at this point, you could blow it.

Emailing Your Exgirlfriend

What you want to do here is establish a friendly rapport with your exgirlfriend, one in which she feels she can tell you things. You're a familiar face, someone she knows very well, and by now she probably has a lot of things to say. Let her say them, without being judgmental. If you can position yourself as a sounding board for whenever your ex has issues or problems, she's eventually going to confide in you about things. Small talk will turn more serious, and she'll start telling you about her new relationship. Listen very carefully here, and make note of what's right and what's wrong with her and her boyfriend. Spotting chinks in the armor of her new romance can help you later on, when the two of you start talking or meeting up again.

Taking Yourself Away Again... And Making Her Want You

After some time, you'll have established a neutral trust with your ex. She'll consider you a friend she can confide in. This would normally not be good thing - but in the case where your exgirlfriend started dating again, it's a necessary step. From here you can begin withdrawing somewhat from the dependancy you've created, and begin giving her the feeling that you're moving on.

Change things up a bit. Don't answer her calls right away, or skip over an email. When she does get in touch with you, keep the conversation short and tell her you're going out. Be vague. Let her wonder. Express interest in hearing from her, but also be extremely busy. These things will give your ex the impression that something in your life has changed, and that soon she may be losing you for good.

This is where you'll set up a reunion date with your ex girlfriend. The next time you get in touch - when she'll be a little more desperate for some contact - ask her to meet you out of the blue:

"Hey, want to get lunch tomorrow? Today's shot for me, but tomorrow I have some time in the afternoon. It would be great to see you again".

Such an invitation seems innocent enough now, especially considering the relationship you've developed. She'll also feel pressed to accept because you're fitting her into your busy schedule. When your ex takes you up on the offer, pick someplace simple and neutral where she'll feel comfortable. This shouldn't be a romantic thing - it should be two friends hooking back up after not having seen each other for a while.

Planting The Best Seeds of Your Past Relationship

One of the most successful methods for getting your ex back from another guy is by filling her head with great memories the two of you shared together. The highlights of your past relationship is one thing her new boyfriend can ever take away from you, and you should make use of this weapon as much as possible. Even so, it must be used properly, and approached in a subtle way.

To read more about how this seed-planting method can win back your ex, check out the tips and techniques found in the EX2 System. The cheat sheet and audio tools available there will show you everything you need to know about getting into her exgirlfriend's head, making her need you and want you again.

And now, onto the reunion date:   Meeting Up With Your Ex Girlfriend.

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