Knowing When and How to Contact Your Ex Girlfriend

Communication is one of the hardest things to figure out when it comes to getting back your ex girlfriend. If you've broken up and don't know how or when you should get in touch with your ex, the following guidelines will help put you back on the track to reconciliation. Winning back your girlfriend is made much easier when you learn a few simple rules about contact ex girlfriend etiquette.

When to Call Ex

The hardest part of any break up is not being able to see or talk to a person you've loved for so long.

If your girlfriend dumped you and you're thinking the relationship deserves a second chance, you may be looking for ways you can get her back. Maybe you've even tried a few things on your own, but probably without much in the way of success.

The good news is that couples reunite every single day, and you can easily be one of them - as long as you're willing to be patient, keep your cool, and work toward fixing things on a long term basis.

The key to contacting your ex girlfriend is knowing exactly where she is in both heart and mind. There's a delicate balance between missing and wanting you again, and you'll need to tread very carefully here.

Putting Yourself Back in Your Ex Girlfriend's Head

You can't get in touch with your ex until you've gotten back into her mind, at which point she'll be more receptive to any ideas you might have of getting back together. But you also can't force yourself into her head... moving too quickly or pressing too hard will drive your ex girlfriend in the opposite direction.


When you first make contact, ex girlfriend behavior will always be different. Some will act happy to hear from you, but will feel nervous or anxious when you call. If your ex feels weirded out by the fact that you're contacting her, it's probably too early. You should be giving her enough time away from you that she can totally process the break up, and enough space and distance so that she begins to miss you.

The Best Time to Call or Contact Your Ex

When your ex is out with friends, laughing, having a great time, and thinking she's ready to move on with her life - this is the absolute worst time to try and communicate with her. As her now ex boyfriend, you'll never be anything more than 'second best' to these brand new parts of her life.

However, there will also be times when your ex is more vulnerable to hearing from you. Contacting your ex girlfriend at night, when she's alone, is a lot more effective than trying to talk to her at work, school, or when she's out with friends or family.

Evening is when your ex is winding down from whatever she did that day, and as she lays down in her bedroom that's when she'll feel the most lonely. Her thoughts will naturally turn to you, especially if the break up was something that happened fairly recently.

Best Time to Call Ex

Every single girl who ends a relationship has some type of doubts about her decision to break up. She'll be trying to convince herself that she's made the right move, but she'll also be questioning herself when she's all alone. If you plan on calling your ex girlfriend, the best time to do it is later on in the day.

Of course, getting your ex to call you is always the better option. There are some great methods you can use to get your exgirlfriend to call you on the phone, or shoot you an email. Learning what these are can be a crucial part of winning your girlfriend back.

Getting Your Exgirlfriend to Call or Contact YOU

Having her approach or reach out to you, instead of the opposite, puts you in a much better position when you finally begin talking again.

What you don't want to do however, is resort to tricking your ex into calling you. As far as contact, ex girlfriends who've recently broken up with you will be extremely wary of any communication you attempt to make with them.

Get Girlfriend Back For Good

Just as you shouldn't call her without a game plan, thinking you can "wing it", you also shouldn't be leaving messages telling her you need to "tell her something" when you really have nothing to say. When your ex calls back and you're fairly speechless, she's going to realize that your tactic was lame and contrived. At that point, you've already dug yourself into a hole and it'll be hard to climb out of it.

Contacting your ex girlfriend too soon after the break up can make you look needy and desperate. But waiting too long after your relationship ends can have disasterous results of its own: your ex could be dating someone else, or she could've completely removed herself from the relationship emotionally.

For this reason you must be proactive in any attempts to get back your ex girlfriend. Waiting around and hoping that things pan out for you will almost always result in failure, just as making fast, rash decisions without thinking them through can undo many weeks of good work.

When it comes to winning your girlfriend back, one thing is always the same: you must have a step by step plan. You need to know what to do, but you also need to know when to be taking proper action.

Check out the Four-Step Process to getting your ex to miss you, need you, and ultimately want you back.

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